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Cover Letter:

I’ve had a passion for tinkering and discovery from a very young age. As a kid I spent half of my time with a screwdriver in hand, taking things apart to figure out how they work. More often than not this resulted in me finding ways to improve the design, or replicating it in future projects. I spent a lot of time building with Lego or drafting designs, trying to find new ways to solve common problems.

I first found an interest in programming after reading an old beginners guide to HTML web development. I immediately loved the power to build something for computers, and had coded and published my own pages on GeoCities by the time I was old enough to be a Cub Scout. I continued learning new programming languages and technologies as they suited me; picking up more advanced techniques with HTML/CSS, or even building rudimentary logic for Lego Mindstorms robots.

This interest eventually followed me into high-school, where I learned about the demand for capable developers, and exactly how big this “internet” really was. I spent considerable amounts of my free time daydreaming problems, then researching solutions through web technologies. Today, that can-do will-do attitude has followed me through my professional experiences, allowing me to find and address potential optimizations in my day-to-day work, and rapidly develop small utilities and fixes for pain-points in my duties.

I’m confident in my ability to learn on my feet, and thrilled to find and conquer new challenges, both in the industry, and my personal career.

Thanks for your consideration, Jameson