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miniSpartan6+ Projects

I have just got a miniSpartan6+ FPGA development board, and I'm learning to use it. This is going to be where I put the files I play with. There's some C stuff, which uses standard make files, and the VHDL stuff, which uses hdlmake to generate makefiles, and also relies on Xilinx ISE being installed. I'm doing all this stuff in Linux.

I should mention that this isn't intended as a resource for learning VHDL, but rather a log of my VHDL learning experience. If I go back to an old project to improve it, I will create a new project for the updated version, so be very careful about reusing any of this code, as it may well be broken, or at least badly implemented.

  • echotest: This was my first project (after the blinking LEDs one everyone does), which echoes back everything you type via the FTDI chip.
  • analogue: My second project, which reads a voltage on an analogue input and displays the value on the LEDs as a bargraph.
  • midi: My third project. (Actually, my fourth, but the third isn't working yet). Sends midi commands. Well, one midi command, repeatedly.
  • analogue2: 4th project. An improvement on the original analogue project, using an ADC component and shift registers.
  • fifo: An attempt at a dual clock fifo.
  • midi2: Making the midi transmitter into a component.


Programmes I'm using:

  • Xilinx ISE 14.7. I found instructions somewhere for installing in on Ubuntu. I can't remember where as it was a few months ago now.
  • boot, from freerangefactory.org. I don't remember how I installed it, but it's quite useful for running a testbench in and seeing waveforms/timing diagrams/whatever you're supposed to call them. (Update: I use ISIM now instead.)
  • hdlmake, so that I can build things in a nice repeatable way. (Update: I'm still creating manifest files for hdlmake, but they might be out of date as I'm tending to use ISE most of the time now).
  • xc3sprog, to load the bit files into the FPGA