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Headless CMS meets Universal Apps - Nuxt.js Prismic Plugin
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Headless CMS meets Universal Apps - Nuxt.js plugin for Prismic


$ yarn add prismic-nuxt


  • Batteries Included: Easily access official Prismic JavaScript & Prismic DOM libraries in your Nuxt.js app.
  • Preview Mode: Automatically add Prismic Previews to your site without additional configuration.
  • Compact Configuration: Just add your Prismic repository endpoint and a link resolver and you're good to go.

Quick Start

Install prismic-nuxt and add the following minimal configuration to nuxt-config.js;

modules: [
  ['prismic-nuxt', {
    endpoint: 'https://<REPOSITORY>',
    linkResolver: function(doc, ctx) {
      return '/'

You can now access Prismic inside your Nuxt.js app through the $prismic variable. Follow our Getting Started guide for further documentation and examples.

Node v8 Support

Since v0.5.0, prismic-nuxt should now work with Node v8 and above. We don't manually test on Node v8, however unit tests will now be tested on both Node v8 and V10 on Travis. There's no guarantees that it'll work as expected, especially after Node v8 drops out of support in January 2020.

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