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Script to install the MathTime fonts on Tex Live
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MathTime Professional 2 fonts on TeX Live

MathTime Professional 2 is a set of math fonts that can be used, with a text font of your choice, to replace the standard Computer Modern fonts in TeX/LaTeX . They were created by Micheal Spivak of Publish Or Perish. They are designed to be most compatible with various Times New Roman families, such as the built in TeX Gyre Termes, but also work well with other families, such as Baskerville.

Installing MathTime Professional 2

This script was written to install the MathTime fonts on Linux or maxOS systems running the TeX Live (aka MacTeX) distributions. Unless your Linux or Mac operating system is very old your TeX installation is probably TeX Live.

To install the fonts you first need to acquire a copy of the font files from PCTeX. They will come in .zip.tpm or .zip format. There is a fee for the complete version; however a free "lite" version is also available. This installer has been tested with both versions.

Next you should download the MTPro2 installer script (version 1.1, April 2016). The easiest thing is to save both the font files and the installer into your Home directory.

Now open a terminal. If you've saved the font files in a location other than your Home directory you will need to cd into that directory. Now you must make the installer an executable file by running

chmod +x ./

Then run the installation procedure by typing


For example, if you've saved the font files and the installer in the same location the command will be

./ -i

The following is the output of a succesful install:

user@user-laptop-1404:~$ -i
[sudo] password for user: 
Copying files.
Installing MathTime Professional 2.
  > running texhash
  > updating map references
  > editing updmap.cfg
  > updating TeX Live databases
TeX Live updated; checking that MTPro2 works...
Succesfully compiled LaTeX file with MTPro2 included.
MathTime Professional 2 installed.
Documentation available at /usr/local/share/texmf/docs/	

If the installation fails you should consult the install log file, at You can email me at, or post a question on the Tex Stack Exchange site. If you email me, please attach a copy of the install log.

For instructions on how to use the other features of the installer run

./ -h

Using MathTime Professional 2

To use MathTime you must pair it with a text font. MathTime is designed to work well with Times New Roman text fonts, for example TeX Gyre Termes.

I'm a big fan of the Linux Libertine fonts, available through the Latex libertine package. The Libertine fonts are very extensive (they include, for example, small caps) and I think look better than Times.

To use the MathTime Lite version with Libertine you should include the following commands in the header of your LaTeX document:


If you have the MathTime Complete version you generally do not need include the
amsmath package, and can take advantage of Times compatible calligraphic and blackboard fonts that are included in the complete version. In this case you can use the following code:


For more information on the Latex mtpro2 package, including various options available, consult the package documentation

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