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Rust BTRFS library

Home page at

Git repository at

Available from

Written by James Pharaoh

Documentation at

Open sourced under the permissive MIT licence


This is a (somewhat incomplete) rust reimplementation of the rust userspace library. In fact, there isn't a C userspace library as such, but the userspace tools include lowlevel interfaces which this project is based on.

This is mostly here to implement the things I need for now, but I'm open to any contributions to make this the standard BTRFS userspace library for rust!

Supported features

This library consists of a number of wrappers around the BTRFS ioctls.

  • Deduplication (not BTRFS specific)
  • Fiemap (file extent map, not BTRFS specific)
  • File system info
  • Space and device info

Other links

  • BTRFS wiki
  • BTRFS utilities (kdave) git://
  • BTRFS utilities (mason) git://
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