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#knockout-view version 2.0.0

Use this bookmarklet to view your Knockout View Models with a toggle-able, minimally-intrusive display.

KO View


Copy the code from build/ko-view.min.js into a new Bookmark in the browser of your choice.


Click the bookmarklet on any page with a Knockout model.

Need a page to test it on? Try this Knockout Example page.

You can toggle the visibility of the view model display panel with the main button. The x will remove the debugger from the DOM.

The display panel can be resized by dragging the lower right corner. It can also be moved about with the burger menu.


Want to make some changes? It's easy to do with grunt.

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run npm install in the directory of installation
  3. Install Ruby and SASS, if you don't already have them
  4. Make your changes to the files in the source directory
  5. Run grunt from the command line to build the bookmarklet


Don't fret about legal stuff. Do whatever you want with it.


(No longer maintained) A bookmarklet that toggles a display of any page's Knockout View Model.




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