Kotlin + Processing via Gradle with testing and (uber) jar export set up
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Kotlin Processing Boilerplate

Basic project set up for Kotlin + Processing including Kotlin Gradle, run main file, run from gradle, testing, creation of jar bundling everything and runnable from other computers.

Made for use in IntelliJ (however should work find in any Gradle-supporting context).

Gradle things

Run (the main application, a PApplet):

gradle run

Build to share uberJar (then can run like):

java -jar build/libs/processing-uber.jar

Add code for setup (NB remove noLoop() if you want to animate or do something interactive):

override fun setup() {
    colorMode(PConstants.HSB, 360f, 100f,100f, 1f)
    // remove if you want animations etc.

and drawing:

override fun draw() {

You can soon do things like:

Example sketch from Kotlin/Processing

Bonus, some standard Kotlin extension for Processing

Quick random sampling from Lists or Sets (which you should use in preference to Java collections)

val <T> List<T>.sample: T
        get() = this[Random.nextInt(this.size)]

val <T> MutableSet<T>.sample: T
        get() = this.elementAt(Random.nextInt(this.size))


val Int.f: Float
        get() = this.toFloat()

val Float.i: Int
        get() = this.toInt()

Found this handy in many places as often have list of points and want to draw lines between them

val <T> List<T>.pairwise: List<Pair<T,T>>
    get() {
        if(this.size > 1) {
            var pairs = mutableListOf<Pair<T,T>>()
            for(i in 0 .. (this.size - 2)) {
                pairs.add(this[i] to this[i + 1])
            return pairs
        } else {
            return listOf()