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Unit Tests and sample solutions code for The Ray Tracer Challenge
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Unit Tests and sample solutions code for The Ray Tracer Challenge The book is awesome, very clearly explains how ray tracers work and how to implement. It is remarkable how far you can get with pretty straightforward code and basic maths.

I did get up to reflections and shadows. i.e. did get as far as:

  • Tuples, Points, and Vectors
  • Drawing on a Canvas
  • Matrices
  • Matrix Transformations
  • Ray-Sphere Intersections
  • Putting It Together
  • Light and Shading
  • Reflecting
  • Shadows
  • Planes
  • Patterns
  • Reflection

I did some basic optimisation/caching of transforms which massively improvded performance.

    var transformation = Matrix.eye(4) {
        didSet {
            invertedTransformation = transformation.inverted()
            invertedTransformationTranspose = invertedTransformation.transposed()

You might want to leave that out to keep code nicer (but speed up is ridiculous).

I include output as NSImage which is for Mac use in place of text based output.

I gave up at the refraction bit as I found it was getting a bit tedious. (In part because I had to write out these tests which you can just copy). The solutions probably shouldn't be used directly but can be consulted.

I also included a View Controller for very basic MacApp that can run things/show results. You'll need to create your own UI etc if you want to use this.

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