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About this project

A minimalist Elm Game together with Webpack and gulp tooling to easily develop, build for production and deploy to S3 with static site hosting (assuming subdomain configured)

Fork this to get up and running with creating a minimalist game in Elm (without having to figure out all the tedious details around production builds + deploys)

Quarter Past

Quarter Past is a simple game of coordination, skill and not panicking.

It is written in Elm 0.18.

Inspired/adapted from an article.

But that article didn't really include an actual working game or the kinds of performance optimistation necessary for good performance on mobile.

E.g. on selecting a cell, don't cause DOM change, do those on the animation frame

selectCell : Cell -> Model -> Model
selectCell cell model =
    { model | pendingCell = Just cell }

then when doing update on animation frame include:

                , cell =
                    case model.pendingCell of
                        Just c ->

                        Nothing ->
                , pendingCell = Nothing

i.e. set new state + clear the pending/requested change.

Serve locally:

npm start

Build & bundle for prod:

npm run build
  • Files are saved into the /dist folder; will require web server due to paths (can't just open in browser)

Deploy (route 53, subdomain example; other options should be fine as very simple dist/ )

Having configured/created aws-config.json

gulp deploy

Needs S3 bucket ID (which matches sub domain)

configuration of route 53

create record set name (must match s3 id) choose alias target should appear as option if subdomain + s3 bucket name match

will take a few minutes to actually work

Deploy with now

Install if required:

npm i -g now

To actually deploy

cd dist

Alternative deployments

Whatever option selected must ensure that serving from route as js url is relative to / i.e. treat dist as root.


An example (minimalist) Elm Game with webpack build and simple static deploy



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