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Snap Text Effects is an iOS app that allows users to generate coloured/rainbow text for use in the app Snapchat.
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Snapchat Text Effects! Make Your Snap Stand Out


iOS app that allows users to create text with gradients or rainbows for use in Snapchat. This application became quite popular after being featured on a number of videos. It is currently on around 70,000 lifetime downloads.

This app relied on a quirk in how Snapchat handles pasted text, which I believe has now been patched in later updates. The app would not correctly remove formatting data when text was copied and pasted from a webpage. Originally I made this app as a web app, but I decided to turn it into an iOS app to reach a wider market.

I am keeping the app on the App Store for those users who are still on an older version.

TODO: Add pictures in use, and add code.

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