Backup Script for WordPress that runs with a server level cron job.
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WordPress Backup

This script is designed to backup any number of WordPress sites without the use of a plugin.


  • Server Level Backups.
  • Easy to intergrate RSync or FTP to transfer to remote server.
  • Combines SQL Database and Only the WordPress files for easy restores.
  • Can be set on a cron job.

You currently need two scripts downloaded to the server.

  2. Backup.profile is the main script that does all the heavy lifting. Backup.profile is what tells the script which directory to backup and how long to keep those backups.

How to use:

  1. Download the script.
  2. Copy and Modify the backup.profile.
  3. Place backup.profile in the directory above your WordPress install or /home/username/
  4. chmod +x WordPress-Backup
  5. ./WordPress-Backup Depending on where you put your backup.profile you may need to modify the main script's FINDDIR.