pass-pwned is a Password Store extension for checking passwords against the pwnedpasswords API
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A pass extension for checking passwords against pwnedpasswords API.

This extension supports checking individual passwords or all passwords against the API.

If you're concerned about using the API, you can provide a password hash file to use instead via the -f or --file option.


pass pwned is a Password Store extension for checking passwords against the pwnedpasswords API.


    pass pwned check [-f <filename>] [pass-name]
        Check the contents of pass-name against pwnedpasswords API. For a multiline
        passfile only the first line will be checked.

        Using the -f or --file flag will use the provided password hash file
        instead of the pwnedpasswords API.

        If you want to check all of your password store entries, don't provide a

    -f, --file    Provide a sorted password hash file to use instead of the API.

More information may be found in the pass-pwned(1) man page.

Password Hash Files

Password hash fils must be sorted by the hash, this is to allow an efficient lookup using bsearch.

Hash files should be structured as follows, with a colon (:) separating the hash from count.




git clone
cd pass-pwned
make install