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Convenience wrapper script for APT in the Arch Linux `pacman` stylie
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@ - apt wrapper

Usage: @ -[QRSU][cdfipqsuy] [<package name>|<search term>]

@ (at) is a wrapper around apt-*|dpkg programs in the style of Arch Linux's 
pacman. I got sick of remembering to type "cache" instead of "get" etc. and 
all the commands are sooo long.  Enter @. @ does all the thinking for you, tap
the right switch and @ applies the query to the correct application and even
requests sudo for the ones that require it.

This script should be softlinked to /usr/bin/@ on your system by doing this:

    sudo ln -sf /path/to/ /usr/bin/@

Takes a primary command switch and optionally sub switches. The switches can 
be bundled together in a form such as  `@ -Syu` this will do: 
apt-get update, followed by apt-get upgrade.

Available switches are described below:

  -h, -?  - Displays this help message.

  -S     - Primary option: Sync. Runs `apt-get install $x`
    -y   - Used with 'S', preforms apt-get update before primary operation.
    -s   - used with 'S', swtiches to `apt-cache search $x` 
    -c   - used with 'S', switches to `apt-get autoclean`
    -cc  - used with 'S', switches to `apt-get clean`
    -u   - used with 'S', switches to `apt-get upgrade`
    -d   - used with 'S', Alternate to 'u' - switches to apt-get dist-upgrade

  -R     - Primary option: Remove. Runs `apt-get remove $x`
    -p   - used with 'R', switches to `apt-get purge`

  -Q     - Primary Option: Query. Runs `dpkg -l $x` searchs installed packages.
    -q   - used with 'Q', searches for files within installed packages.
    -i   - used with 'Q', gives info about the specified package.
    -f   - used with 'Q', lists files withing a given package.
  -U     - Primary Option: Local Install. Runs `dpkg -i $x`

See the man pages for apt-get, apt-cache, and dpkg.

Author: James Ronan <>

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