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Invisible is like a giant robot combining the
awesomeness of Rails, Merb, Camping and Sinatra.
Except, it's tiny (100 sloc).
It's easy to deploy and get started with using the
friendly generator.
Get started today!
invisible my_lil_app
cd my_lil_app
thin start config/
edit app.rb
Or, if you're really into tiny things:
invisible my_very_lil_app --flat
== Build web apps in just a few lines
The app syntax looks a lot like Sinatra:
get "/session/:value" do
session[:invisible] = params[:value]
render do
h2 "I added this to the session for you:"
pre params[:value].inspect
p { a "Go back", :href => "/" }
You can also render ERB, eRubis and Haml templates.
== TATFT (aka Test all the fucking time)
Invisible also comes with support for easy
testing, using Test::Unit or RSpec.
def test_should_get_root
assert get("/").ok?
it "should get /" do
get("/").should be_ok
== The extras you were missing in a micro-framework
Invisible has:
* reloading
* configurable multi-environment support
* multi-app in the same VM
* session support (Cookie, Memcache, etc.)
* a love affair with Rack middlewares
* another love affair with testing
* load just what you need approach (low mem)
* awesomeness builtin, twice!
* all that under 100 LOC (+ taxes)
I'm like, WOW! What are you waiting for?
Go build the next Twitter now, mkay?
Ruby License,
Invisible is copyright Marc-Andre Cournoyer