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24a2 is a simple game engine that lets you to build a game in a few hours. It has a very limited set of features which makes it easy to learn, and encourages you to solve problems creatively.

24a2 games are written in JavaScript (or TypeScript) and are played in a web browser, so you can easily share what you’ve created.

All 24a2 games feature a 24 by 24 grid of dots. You can set the color of each dot, and read the color of each dot back. 24a2 can also run a function you define when an arrow key is pressed, or when a dot is clicked on.

That’s about it! There are a few other features, which you can find out about in the tutorial and the API reference.

Using 24a2 means you don’t have to think about the visual style of your game, complicated physics or sound - you can just focus on actually building something.

Please see our website for more information, examples, and a tutorial

Games built with 24a2

If you've built something using 24a2 please let us know! Feel free to open an Issue or Pull Request to add it to this list.