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fullstack react/express/mongodb message board hosted on heroku + mongo atlas:
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This is a work-in-progress example of a fullstack JavaScript application.

The Stack:

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • React.js
  • Node.js

Upcoming features:

  • user auth via JWT
  • reddit-like lefthand panel/card for user stats
  • likes/commenting
  • more information in message cards (username, timestamp, likes, comments)

Steps to run locally:

  1. navigate to this projects directory after cloning the repo
  2. switch to node version 10.16.0 or LTS
  3. run npm i
  4. in the root directory, run npm run start to start the express server
  5. navigate to the client folder via cd client and run npm run start
  6. start coding!


  • If you get an error that says the port number is already in use, go into ./index.js and change the port number to something else.
  • Go into the client/package.json and change the proxy port number to match the previous change.
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