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A simple wrapper around


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'postcodes_io'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install postcodes_io


Require the gem

require 'postcodes_io'

Create new instance of the Postcodes::IO

pio =

Lookup a postcode

postcode = pio.lookup('NN12 8TN')

Inspect the results!

postcode.longitude # -1.02144562675883
postcode.latitude # 52.0776806788868

Make a batch postcode lookup request

max 100 postcodes per request

postcodes = pio.lookup('NN12 8TN', 'DA3 8NG') # or pio.lookup(['NN12 8TN', 'DA3 8NG'])
postcodes.each do |p|
  puts p.nuts

Autocomplete a postcode

postcodes = pio.autocomplete('NN12')
puts postcodes.list # ["NN12 6AA", "NN12 6AB", "NN12 6AD", "NN12 6AE", "NN12 6AF", "NN12 6AG", "NN12 6AH", "NN12 6AJ", "NN12 6AL", "NN12 6AN"]

Perform a reverse geocode lookup

postcodes = pio.reverse_geocode(longitude: 0.629834, latitude: 51.79232)
puts postcodes.first.postcode # CM8 1EF

All available fields

name description
postcode pretty formatted postcode
quality 1-9 value of the quality of the grid reference
eastings OS grid reference
northings OS grid reference
country The code for the appropriate country
nhs_ha The health area code for the postcode
admin_county The county the postcode has been assigned
admin_district The current district/unitary authority to which the postcode has been assigned
admin_ward The current administrative/electoral area to which the postcode has been assigned
longitude The WGS84 longitude
latitude The WGS84 latitude
parliamentary_constituency he Westminster Parliamentary Constituency
european_electoral_region The European Electoral Region code
primary_care_trust The code for the Primary Care area
region former GORs
parish The smallest type of administrative area
lsoa The 2011 Census lower layer SOA code
msoa The 2011 Census middle layer SOA (MSOA) code
ccg Clinical Commissioning Group
nuts see here

For more details see the documentation on


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