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Name: hslua-fork
Version: 0.4
Stability: beta
Cabal-version: >= 1.6
Exposed-modules: Scripting.Lua
License: BSD3
Build-type: Simple
License-File: COPYRIGHT
Copyright: 2007-2010, Gracjan Polak
Author: James Sanders <>, Gracjan Polak <>
Maintainer: Gracjan Polak <>
Synopsis: A Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell
The Scripting.Lua module is a wrapper of Lua language interpreter
as described in
The package is standalone: full Lua interpreter version 5.1.4
is distributed in this package as well.
This is a fork of the original hslua library
Category: Scripting
Build-depends: base==4.*, bytestring >=
Hs-source-dirs: src
C-sources: src/lapi.c, src/lauxlib.c, src/lbaselib.c, src/lcode.c, src/ldblib.c,
src/ldebug.c, src/ldo.c, src/ldump.c, src/lfunc.c, src/lgc.c,
src/linit.c, src/liolib.c, src/llex.c, src/lmathlib.c, src/lmem.c,
src/loadlib.c, src/lobject.c, src/lopcodes.c, src/loslib.c,
src/lparser.c, src/lstate.c, src/lstring.c, src/lstrlib.c,
src/ltable.c, src/ltablib.c, src/ltm.c, src/lundump.c, src/lvm.c,
Extra-source-files: src/*.h
Include-dirs: src
--ghc-options: -threaded