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Elemental Entropy


A HTML5 canvas game for JS1K 2016. Uses Web Audio API's OscillatorNode for sound. Protect the combustible oxygen from heat and fuel!

This entry didn't place but received an honourable mention!

How to Play

Simply move the mouse left and right to rotate the shield around the oxygen particle. You'll score 10 points for every fuel and heat particle you deflect.

Play Online

Browser Support

This goes without saying really, but FYI - mouse === desktop only :(

  • Chrome/Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari - mouse movement is too poor

For the smoothest gameplay possible, ensure that hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser.

Technical Stuff



Runs Closure Compiler (closure-compiler must be set on $PATH) against the pre-minified script. This is configured to use the JS1K externs and apply advanced optimisations to the code. The script results in the pre-crushed script.

None of the other steps are automated. Once index.pre-crush.jsis built, everything else is manual; remove the four var declarations from the file, and then run it through the incredible RegPack (I couldn't get the npm module to work, unfortunately) with these options:

  • Attempt method hashing and renaming for 2D canvas context
  • Assume global variable c is a 2D canvas context
  • Reassign variable names to produce consecutive character blocks, except for variables a c
  • Score = 1
  • Gain = 0
  • Length = 0

The Scripts


The original source code. Follows best practices for code reuse and maintainability.


A version of the original source that contains all of the logic in the game loop, favouring repetition and magic values over clean code.


The result of running the script against index.pre-min.js. Additionally, all instances of the var keyword are removed by hand, thus placing everything on the global object.


The result of running RegPack against index.pre-crush.js.

The Final Output

Size: 950 bytes

for(_='l[d]~~.`=-1*`_on^functi^Zc.YYarc(WrequeV5:-25U00N(4N-L&&KK(JstHe.G24EStyle=DD"#��fff";�||-26>�,Yshadow��Color=�at�M�h.��PI��/4�`y�`x�),��random()�);�(E0-��YHroke�fill�0,�Y�5,�2*��()�YbeginP�h()	(b.currentTime��+.5|0�GclientX���an2(�-E��-4N)��Blur=10�	,W�,e=b.cre�eOscill�or(�GfVncy.value=1�0>�sqrt(L�)*L�)+��)*��))K��Gc^nect(b.deHin�i^�GHart��GHop�+�b=new AudioC^text,f=�g=�k=�l=[],m=�n=["#f60","#088"];a.^mousemove=Z(e){1N<�K7N>�Jk=(�-8N)/8N*�*2+�)};p=!0;Z q(e){�N0";Rect(��80�480�if(e-m>=15N-1N*g){h=!(��r=h?8N*�:�?82U,h=h?�?50U:�?480-(80-80*�):80-80*�random(�l.push({x:r,y:h,b:Lr)/4N*5,f:�h)/E0*3,�:n[�*n.length|0]}�m=e}pJ�Nf"�"#Nf"�40�E�4��for(d in l)~JD`��`���,�,2�,�+=`b,�+=`f,pK7�(p=!1�5�2)�pK!`gK10��>=k-�K�<=k+�J`g=!�`b_b,`f_f,f+=1�0===f%1NKg++�9�.1)�826<���||506<���)J~=void 0��	;W40�E�75,k-�,k+��(��Yf^t="26px Arial";Text(f,2�40�VHAnim�i^Frame(q)}q(�';G=/[^ -CFIMO-TX[\]a-}]/.exec(_);)with(_.split(G))_=join(shift());eval(_)


My JS1K 2016 entry. A HTML5 canvas game that uses OscillatorNode for audio.



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