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Glitch Hunt


A HTML5 Canvas game for js13kGames 2016. Uses OscillatorNode for audio and music.

Patch the glitches in the system by pressing the keys on your keyboard as they enter the capture zone. Sometimes, a glitch will be so severe that you must enter the system and fight it!

Play Online

Play via Glitch Hunt's entry page on the js13kGames website.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome
  • Firefox



Press the keys that appear on screen as they enter the capture zone.

Boss Battle

  • Arrow keys - move
  • A - jump
  • S - shoot

Making Of

I wrote a blog entry detailing the motivation and technology behind my game, as well as what could have gone better.

Judges' Feedback

A cool mix of guitar hero/DDR and a metroidvania. Nice idea, fun!

-Christer Kaitila

I really liked that this game was not just a typing game but also had some fighting in it. It was very smart to make the typing part only use keys you would need for fighting, so your hand would always be ready for the challenge. Overall, the game is well made.

-Jupiter Hadley

Local Development

Once you've cloned this repository, you'll need to run the install script. This cURLs the NanoTunes library into the lib directory.

You'll also need to install Closure Compiler and ensure that it is available on your path; you could write a shell wrapper to achieve this. I haven't tested this with the version on npm, but theoretically this should work.

The project follows the Entity Component System design pattern, which in this case takes inspiration from Richard Lord's implementation:

  • Entity - a grouping of components
  • Component - Attaches properties to an entity and registers it with the underlying system
  • System - contains the logic for a particular type of component

The codebase isn't perfect and definitely needs some work!


  • ./tasks/ - cURLs NanoTunes into the lib directory. Run this before building
  • ./tasks/ - bundles and minifies the source with Closure Compiler, and creates a ZIP of the output


A HTML5 Canvas game for js13kGames 2016. Uses OscillatorNode for audio and music




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