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== Finish basic saving ==
Create smoke test to make sure TESTING_ONLY variable isn't flipped in production?
Handle SaveFile stub-out-file-system cheat more generically (not just in ApplicationModelTest)
Consider eliminating __ApplicationModelSpy entirely
== Special cases / polish ==
Take a second look at IOExceptions -- are there special cases to handle?
Deal with FileDialog returning invalid directory/filename. (It can happen, according to the Java docs)
Deal with FileDialog returning null directory and valid filename.
Application menu still works when modal dialog is up -- so you can "Save As" twice in a row, for example. Fix this.
Need to decide what to do with original user-entered values in UI.
- Reformat them when moving away from field? What about invalid values?
== Loading ==
Deal with opening same file twice (see episode 137 comments, Aleksi Niiranen)
Deal with loading excessively large file
File format: consider java.util.Properties (suggested by Esko Luontola in ep 159)
Use a @Rule to enforce SwingUtilities.invokeAndWait on every Swing test?
- values of fields
- UI positioning
When tabbing to DollarsTextField, should the value be selected?
Need to handle case where cost basis is larger than starting balance--that should be illegal
Similarly, need to handle case where account runs out of money. All kinds of funkiness ensues.
Add remaining fields so that starting conditions can be set at runtime
Check that keyboard shortcuts work (including tabbing between components)
Run Swing-related stuff on event dispatching thread:
Error handling for exceptions within Swing components--how?
Tip for running Swing tests: (via Esko Luontola)
Tool for Swing testing: Consider 'WindowLicker' (suggested by Tony in email)
- Better tooltips for invalid dollar amounts
- Need a alert dialog that wraps long lines properly (for example, save error dialog)
Long term:
- Cross-platform testing & support (Consider "Macify")
- Cmd-W should close window on Mac
- Does the DollarsTextField warning icon work properly in all look-and-feels that we use
- Mac needs to use Mac menu bar (currently configured with -D option in
- Should not close application when last window is closed on the Mac
- More realistic abstraction for capital gains tax (in StockMarketYear)
Swing semantics change even when interface doesn't
Therefore... when refactoring from one Swing class to another, check usage of all Swing APIs.
When changing a test, you could break the expected behavior of the application
Therefore... go a little slower when taking out or changing expectations of tests
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