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Let's Play: Test-Driven Development
"Let's Play: Test-Driven Development" series is a stream-of-consciousness live recording of my successes and slip-ups as I program a real project, from scratch, using test-driven development. I'm hoping this will be an interesting view into how test-driven development works when you take it out of the classroom. As the series continues, I'm sure you'll see quite a bit of incremental design and architecture, too.
This git repository contains the source code developed during the series. For the screencasts, see .
The icons in the icons/ folder are Copyright © Yusuke Kamiyamane. All rights reserved. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
Find the icons at Used in this application: the Diagona Icons set.
This project uses the MiGLayout library, which may be found at and is licensed
under the BSD and GPL licenses.
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