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Quixote API

For an overview, installation notes, and an example, see the readme.

Quick Reference

Classes and Modules

  • quixote Create the Quixote test frame and check browser compatibility.
  • QFrame Manipulate the DOM inside your test frame.
  • QElement Manipulate, make assertions about, and get styling information for a specific element.
  • QElementList Multiple QElements.

Descriptor classes

Start with the descriptors overview.


Any class, property, or method that isn't described in the API documentation is not for public use and may change at any time. Breaking changes to the documented API will be described in the change log.

Class names may change at any time. Don't construct classes manually or refer to them by name. Any object you need can be obtained from a property or method call.

Each section of the API is marked with a stability index inspired by Node.js. They have the following meaning:

Stability: 0 - Deprecated
This feature is known to be problematic, and changes are
planned.  Do not rely on it.  Use of the feature may cause warnings.  Backwards
compatibility should not be expected.

Stability: 1 - Experimental
This feature was introduced recently, and may change
or be removed in future versions.  Please try it out and provide feedback.
If it addresses a use-case that is important to you, tell the core team.

Stability: 2 - Unstable
The API is in the process of settling, but has not yet had
sufficient real-world testing to be considered stable. Backwards-compatibility
will be maintained if reasonable.

Stability: 3 - Stable
The API has proven satisfactory, but cleanup in the underlying
code may cause minor changes.  Backwards-compatibility is guaranteed.

Stability: 4 - API Frozen
This API has been tested extensively in production and is
unlikely to ever have to change.

Stability: 5 - Locked
Unless serious bugs are found, this code will not ever
change.  Please do not suggest changes in this area; they will be refused.