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# Create a new foundation project with a specific version, usage: foundation_create_git project_name 3.2.5
# use `bundle exec compass watch` while working on your project
# make sure you install the proper gem first with, `gem install zurb-foundation --version 3.2.5
if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
echo 'You need to enter a project name!'
elif [ "$2" = "" ]; then
echo 'You need to enter the version of foundation you would like to use as the second argument!'
gem list zurb-foundation --local
mkdir $1
cd $1
touch Gemfile
echo "source \"\"" >> Gemfile
echo "gem \"zurb-foundation\", \"$2\"" >> Gemfile
echo "gem \"compass\"" >> Gemfile
bundle install
bundle exec compass create . -r zurb-foundation --using foundation
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