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Locale Support

Stutter uses a number of strategies to logically break up long words into smaller pieces for easy reading. Part of this strategy is identifying common prefixes and suffixes in the language to find good places to break the word. If you would like to submit support for a new language you can edit the src-content/lib/locales.json file.

For reference, these are the rules for English:

  "en": {
    "wordRegex": "([^\\s/]+|[\\r\\n]+)",
    "puncSplit": "(.+?\\.|.*?,)([a-z].+\\b)",
    "presuf": "^(\\W*)(anti|auto|ab|an|ax|al|as|bi|bet|be|contra|cat|cath|cir|cum|cog|col|com|con|cor|could|co|desk|de|dis|did|dif|di|eas|every|ever|extra|ex|end|en|em|epi|evi|func|fund|fin|hyst|hy|han|il|in|im|ir|just|jus|loc|lig|lit|li|mech|manu|man|mal|mis|mid|mono|multi|mem|micro|non|nano|ob|oc|of|opt|op|over|para|per|post|pre|peo|pro|retro|rea|re|rhy|should|some|semi|sen|sol|sub|suc|suf|super|sup|sur|sus|syn|sym|syl|tech|trans|tri|typo|type|uni|un|van|vert|with|would|won)?(.*?)(weens?|widths?|icals?|ables?|ings?|tions?|ions?|ies|isms?|ists?|ful|ness|ments?|ly|ify|ize|ise|ity|en|ers?|ences?|tures?|ples?|als?|phy|puts?|phies|ry|ries|cy|cies|mums?|ous|cents?)?(\\W*)$"
  • wordRegex - this regular expression is responsible for separating the body of text into component words.
  • puncSplit - this regular expression is run on each word group output from wordRegex. It attempts to break apart any lingering words that might be accidentally joined together on a period or comma. It is careful not to split numbers or short period-separated words like A.M. or P.M.
  • presuf - this is a list of regular prefixes and suffixes that can be used to break apart long words into component parts. These need to be sorted with the longest parts first to avoid matching a smaller prefix when its part of a longer one.

The font in use for the site is Arial, which should have good support for displaying most languages. There is currently no support for RTL languages, though it is on the road-map.

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