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easing module for v
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This is a pure V module that provides easing function calculations.


v install jamestomasino.veasing


In your v source:

import jamestomasino.veasing as veasing

Use the animate function to apply an easing function over a range of numbers

fn main () {
  println(veasing.animate(veasing.bounce_ease_out, 0, 100, 100))
  //      easing function ^
  //                                  lower bounds ^
  //                                     upper bounds ^
  //               number of frames/length of return array ^

The following easing methods are available:

veasing.linear_interpolation(p f64) f64

veasing.quadratic_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.quadratic_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.quadratic_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.cubic_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.cubic_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.cubic_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.quartic_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.quartic_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.quartic_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.quintic_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.quintic_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.quintic_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.sine_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.sine_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.sine_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.circular_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.circular_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.circular_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.exponential_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.exponential_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.exponential_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.elastic_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.elastic_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.elastic_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.back_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.back_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.back_ease_in_out(p f64) f64

veasing.bounce_ease_in(p f64) f64
veasing.bounce_ease_out(p f64) f64
veasing.bounce_ease_in_out(p f64) f64


To run the tests you will need to do the following:

  1. Clone the repository somewhere
  2. Move to the parent folder of that cloned repository
  3. Run v -stats test /cloned-folder-path


Based on the works of:



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