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Django app for creating a site with multiple areas to brainstorm ideas.



  • python >= 2.4
  • django >= 1.0


  1. Add 'brainstorm' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  2. Add a reference to brainstorm.urls somewhere in your

    (r'^', include('brainstorm.urls')),  # something that looks like this
  3. Login to the django admin and create a subsite.

A subsite has a slug, name, description, theme, and a number of other options. The important two are theme and slug, slug dictates where the subsite will live and theme specifies the name of a theme template (see Creating Themes for details)

Creating Themes

A theme is represented by a single django template, currently kept at templates/themes/themename.html

Required Elements

The theme must include a content block that will be filled by the page, the theme should also include "idea_form.html" if you wish to use the generic idea submission form.

Example dynamic content block:

<!-- content -->
    <h2 id="secondLogo"><a href="">{{}}</a></h2>
    <div id="featureBox">
        <p>project description</p>

    <div id="ltColumn">
    {% block content %}
    {% endblock %}

    <div id="rtColumn">
    <h3>Submit New Idea</h3>
        {% include "idea_form.html" %}
    <div class="clear"></div>

Styling the Theme

Obviously the styling/design of the static portions of the theme is entirely within the hands of the designer. There are however a few dynamic sections which typically will need some form of styling.


The 'content' block of the index contains two divs: 'div#ideas' and 'div#pagination'.

'div#ideas' contains an list where each li is a pair of div.btnVote and div.voteContent. When a div.btnVote has been voted up it will have the additional class 'voted' to allow for additional styling.

'div.btnVote' contains the link 'a.vote_link' for voting and 'div.votes_counted' for displaying the current vote total.

'div.voteContent' contains an <h3> with the idea title, a div.commentMeta with the idea's submitter/date, and a <p> with the description.


The content block of the idea page contains two divs: 'div#idea' and 'div#comments'.

'div#idea' contains a single pair of 'div.btnVote' and 'div.voteContent' (see index for description of these elements)

'div#comments' contains an <h3> with the number of comments, then an ordered list where each <li> has the following elements:

  • div.commentMeta which contains span.commentMetaAuthor and span.commentMetaDate
  • div.commentContent which contains a <p> with the comment itself

(TODO: comment form)