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deprecated simple library for dealing with political boundaries as defined by shapefiles
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NOTE: polipoly is deprecated and no longer maintained.  Due to the wide
availability of better tools like GEOS <> and
GeoDjango <> it is no longer in use nor will it see
any further development.

old readme

polipoly - Python library for dealing with political boundaries.  Enables 
    programatic conversion of latitudes/longitudes to political districts.

polipoly is a project of Sunlight Labs (C) 2007-2008 see LICENSE.txt for details

Files Included
============== - The polipoly library
examples/ - Implementation of a webservice for an address
     to district webservice. This is based on the code that runs
examples/ - Example of batch processing addresses from a csv file.


python >= 2.4
pyShapeLib 0.3 (see

To install run

    python install

which will install the bindings into python's site-packages directory.

For documentation view the source itself and the examples included in the 
examples/ subdirectory.

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