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[DEPRECATED] GUI library written to use ZEngine
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I.   About Gewi
II.  Getting Gewi
III. Building Gewi
IV.  Using Gewi
V.   Legal Overview
VI.  History of Gewi
I. About Gewi

Gewi is a GUI library designed for use with ZEngine, information on ZEngine
can be found at
II. Getting Gewi:

Gewi is available from the same places that ZEngine is:
Support comes from:
The sourceforge page:
The project page:
The CVS page:
III. Building Gewi:

So far, Gewi can be built on any system any system that has SDL and OpenGL 
available. If you are in VC++ the folder vc7 contains project files for use,
and if you are in a gcc compiler you can change the config & makefile to meet
your needs.
-If you are using VC++ you will need to add the path to the dependencies (SDL 
and others) as well as the path to ZEngine before building.

If you are having a problem building ask at the ZEngine forum.
(Click forum link at
IV. Using Gewi:

Gewi requires a working copy of ZEngine, if your compiler/environment 
supports ZEngine it should support Gewi as well.  Gewi tutorials and 
documentation is not yet complete if you would like to write any submit
them to and I'll make sure they get out and you get
proper credit. 
V. Legal Overview:

See ZEngine's readme.txt for a Legal Overview of using libraries 
that are dependent upon LGPL based libraries, using Gewi is the same
since it includes no new LGPL code.
History of ZEngine:
    Since most of the improvements will just be more widgets I
am much more open to outside help for Gewi than ZEngine which is mostly
my own work, I am going to depend on community support to add new widgets
to Gewi, I can't possibly add every single widget people need while working
on ZEngine and other projects.
    0.1 was a basic release, just to show some people how I planned to 
do the long promised GUI library for ZEngine.  I rewrote this twice using
callbacks one time and a different way of handling child windows another,
but I found a way that seemed easy to use and easy to extend and that is what
has become 0.2. 

    -James Turk
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