A Project Management and Collaboration tool inspired by Basecamp. (Discontinued)
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What is it?

RailsCollab is a free web based Project Management and Collaboration tool largely inspired by Basecamp, the communication-oriented project management solution from 37signals.

Its roots come from a similar project called ProjectPier (previously known as ActiveCollab), which instead of Ruby is written in PHP.

Note regarding future development

As of 16-Feb-2012, development of RailsCollab from this branch has been permanently discontinued. Please refer to alternative forks for any future releases.

Manage projects. How?

In RailsCollab, you have the following:

  • Task lists - to keep track of what needs to get done, and who is responsible
  • Milestones - to track what needs to get done and by whom
  • Times - to record how much time has been spent on a project or task
  • Files - to share data with your clients
  • Messages - for centralized communication

You can add clients to your projects at any time. Each member of a client can have a login, whose access can be restricted to certain elements of the project.

How can i install / upgrade?

Simply run the following:


And login using the username admin, with the password password.

For more advanced setup options, refer to the INSTALL.markdown and UPGRADE.markdown files

I do i do [x]?

Check out the wiki on github.

Are there any screenshots or is there even a demo?

Please refer to the project entry on OpenSourceRails for any screenshots or demos.


For licensing details, refer to the LICENSE file in the root directory.