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Krakatoa SR particle renderer integration for Softimage
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Softimage Krakatoa SR Plugin

This a simple plugin for Softimage that exposes the Krakatoa SR particle renderer from Thinkbox Software as a renderer in Softimage. It is a very basic implementation at this point and is intended as a starting point rather than a fully functional production plugin.

This plugin has NOT been tested in production is just intended as a test/example.

You will need a valid Krakatoa "Render" license from Thinkbox for this plugin to work.

To build you will also need the Krakatoa SR C++ SDK which can be downloaded from the Thinkbox website

Pull requests welcomed.

  • Renders ICE point clouds with Krakatoa from within Softimage as a native C++ renderer plug-in
  • Custom ICE channels mapped to Krakatoa channels (see below)
  • Region Render tool support
  • Light Groups can be used to control with lights are used by Krakatoa
  • Occlusion mesh support
  • Multi-channel EXR output support
The Following ICE Channels are mapped for Krakatoa if they exist and are not being optimized away by ICE
  • PointPosition
  • Color
  • Density
  • Lighting
  • MBlurTime
  • Absorption
  • Emission
  • PointNormal
  • Tangent
  • PointVelocity
  • Eccentricity
  • PhaseEccentricity
  • SpecularPower
  • SpecularLevel
  • DiffuseLevel
  • GlintGlossiness
  • GlintLevel
  • GlintSize
  • Specular2Glossiness
  • Specular2Level
  • Specular2Shift
  • SpecularGlossiness
  • SpecularShift
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