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Getting Started with Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, JSON, JQuery, and Heroku

Run Locally

  1. Setup virtualenv

  2. Setup PostgreSQL

    Set the DATABASE_URL environment variable to point to your PostgreSQL server:

    export DATABASE_URL=postgres://foo:foo@localhost/helloheroku

    Create the database schema:

    python createDbSchema
  3. Start Flask Server

  4. Test out the app


Run on Heroku

  1. Create the app

    heroku create -s cedar
  2. Add the Heroku Shared Database Add-on

    heroku addons:add shared-database
  3. Deploy the app

    git push heroku master
  4. Create the database schema

    heroku run "python createDbSchema"
  5. Open the app in your browser

    heroku open
  6. Verify that it works

  7. Switch the app to PROD mode

    heroku config:add PROD=True