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Gulp Launcher

Automates the install of gulp and its dependencies (Node, NPM, etc). Like this (with nothing pre-installed):

$ ./gulp
Downloading jq 1.3 for x86_64 MAC
Downloading Node 0.10.33 for x86_64 MAC
... npm install output ...
[09:13:25] Using gulpfile ~/projects/gulp-starter/gulpfile.js
[09:13:25] Starting 'default'...
[09:13:25] Finished 'default' after 7.28 μs


Grab the latest gulp (Linux, Mac, and Cygwin) or gulp.exe (Windows) from Releases.

Or if you don't have an existing gulp build, grab the gulp-starter project.


Just run gulp and the launcher will download everything it needs and then run your Gulp build. If run gulp in a directory that does not contain a package.json and gulpfile.js then you will be prompted to create them.

Windows Launcher Specifics

  • Set a GULP_LAUNCHER_TRACE env var to enable trace output
  • Set a GULP_LAUNCHER_CLEANUP env var to remove the downloaded files before running gulp (causing them to be re-downloaded)

Developer Info

Linux Build Status

Windows Build status

Bash Version (Linux, Mac, and Cygwin)

  • Source
  • No compile / build needed
  • Run the tests: cd tests; ./ ../../bash/gulp

Python Version (Windows only right now)

  • Source
  • Compile on Windows with: cd python; build.bat
  • Run the tests: cd tests & bash ../../python/dist/gulp.exe

CI & Releases

  • AppVeyor builds the exe, runs the tests for both the bash (Cygwin) and the native launcher
  • Travis runs the tests for the bash launcher on Linux