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Gulp Starter

This Gulp starter project provides a basis for a JavaScript UI (just the client-side). It provides:

  • Example AngularJS & Bootstrap app
  • Asset pipeline for LESS, JavaScript, images, and HTML that does basic compilation and syntax checking in development mode and minification for production mode
  • Development server with LiveReload integration
  • Production server used to test the production assets
  • Transparent Bower integration

Project Layout

app/html      ->  HTML assets
app/img       ->  Image assets
app/js        ->  JavaScript assets
app/less      ->  LESS assets
bower.json    ->  Bower / client-side dependencies
gulpfile.js   ->  The Gulp build definition
package.json  ->  The NPM build definition


  1. Git clone this repo

  2. Install Node.js / npm

  3. Fetch the dependencies with npm:

     npm update
  4. Install Gulp

     npm install -g gulp
  5. Verify Gulp works


Use the Gulp Build

  • Run the dev mode server

      gulp dev

    This runs a local server: http://localhost:5000

    Changes to any of the source files (in the app dir) will automatically be available in the running server. If LiveReload is enabled your browser will automatically be refreshed.

  • Run the prod mode server

      gulp prod

    This runs a local server: http://localhost:5000

  • Update Bower dependencies by simply modifying the bower.json file. No need to actually run bower as this build will do it for you.

  • Generate assets for production

      gulp dist

    Everything will be in the dist directory.

  • Cleanup

      gulp clean

    Note: Do not combine the clean task with other tasks on the command line because they run in parallel.