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Notes for Matt & James

Technical Goals

  • RESTful Service
  • Server-side Templates
  • Play2 w/ Java
  • Grails
  • Form Validation
  • Data Pagination
  • Auth
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Atom / RSS
  • Email Notifications
  • Indexing
  • Load Testing (Blitz)
  • Performance Testing (YSlow, etc)
  • S3 Integration
  • Unit / Integration Testing

Presentation Agenda

  1. Framework Overviews
  2. Emperical Data (Load Test, LOC, etc)
  3. Developer Experience


  • Week 1 - Data Model Definition
  • Week 2 - Data Layer & URL Design
  • Week 3 - Controllers & Auth
  • Week 4 - Views
  • Week 5 - Misc Polish

Data Model

  • Route

    Long id
    String name
    String distance
    Region region
    String location
    List<Direction> directions
    URL mapUrl
    List<Rating> ratings
    List<Comment> comments
    Photo photo
    Date creationDate
  • Direction

    Long id
    Integer stepNumber
    String instruction
  • Region

    Long id
    String name
  • Rating

    Long id
    User user
    Integer value
    Date creationDate
  • Comment

    Long id
    User user
    String value
    Photo photo
    Date creationDate
  • User

    Long id
    String emailAddress
    String shaPassword
    String name
    Date creationDate
  • Photo

    Long id
    URL thumbnailUrl
    URL fullUrl

URL Design

GET     /                           # Display list of Regions

GET     /signup                     # Signup Form
POST    /signup                     # Save Signup Data

POST    /login                      # Login

GET     /feed/:region               # RSS Feed for the specified Region
GET     /feed/:region/:route        # RSS Feed for the specified Route

POST    /subscribe/:region          # Subscribe to Region Updates via Email

GET     /:region/addroute           # Add Route to a Region Form
POST    /:region/addroute           # Save Route to a Region

POST    /:region/:route/addrating   # Add Rating to a Route

GET     /:region/:route/addcomment  # Add Comment to a Route Form
POST    /:region/:route/addcomment  # Save Comment to a Route

GET     /:region                    # Display list of Routes in a Region

Open Questions

  • Should we add a property to Region and Route for using their names in a URL? Or just have a set algorithm for doing it? (e.g. turn "Dakota Ridge, Red Rocks, Matthews Winters Loop" into "dakota_ridge_red_rocks_matthews_winters_loop")
  • Should we define data constraints here?