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Pubnub is an iOS Objective-C library wrapper for the Pubnub realtime messaging service

Using Pubnub in your project

  1. Add the Cipher.h/m,Base64.h/m,JSONKit.h/m,JSONE.h/m and Common.h/m supported file to your project

  2. Add CEPubnub.h/.m to your project

  3. Import CEPubnub.h to your class header

    #import "CEPubnub.h"
  4. Make your class follow the PubNubDelegate protocol

    @interface iPhoneTest : UIViewController  <CEPubnubDelegate>
  5. Implement the CEPubnubDelegate methods (they are all optional):

    - (void) pubnub:(CEPubnub*)pubnub didSucceedPublishingMessageToChannel:(NSString*)channel;
    - (void) pubnub:(CEPubnub*)pubnub didFailPublishingMessageToChannel:(NSString*)channel error:(NSString*)error;
    - (void)pubnub:(CEPubnub *)pubnub subscriptionDidReceiveDictionary:(NSDictionary *)message onChannel:(NSString *)channel;
    - (void)pubnub:(CEPubnub *)pubnub subscriptionDidFailWithResponse:(NSString *)message onChannel:(NSString *)channel;
    - (void)pubnub:(CEPubnub *)pubnub subscriptionDidReceiveString:(NSString *)message onChannel:(NSString *)channel;
    - (void)pubnub:(CEPubnub *)pubnub subscriptionDidReceiveArray:(NSArray *)message onChannel:(NSString *)channel;
    - (void) pubnub:(CEPubnub*)pubnub didFetchHistory:(NSArray*)messages forChannel:(NSString*)channel;
    - (void) pubnub:(CEPubnub*)pubnub didReceiveTime:(NSTimeInterval)time;
  6. Instantiate Pubnub in your class so you can publish and subscribe to messages and assign delegate:self:

    pubnub = [[CEPubnub alloc] initWithPublishKey:@"demo" subscribeKey:@"demo" secretKey:@"demo"   cipherKey:@"demo" useSSL:NO];
    [pubnub setDelegate:self];
  7. Publish NSString:

    NSString * text=@"My name is pubnub";[pubnub publish:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@"hello_world",@"channel",text,@"message", nil]];
  8. Publish NSArray:

    [pubnub publish:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@"hello_world",@"channel",[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"seven", @"eight", 
    [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@"Cheeseburger",@"food",@"Coffee",@"drink", nil], nil],@"message", nil]];
  9. Publish NSDictionaries:

    [pubnub publishMessage:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
    [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:@"X-code->ÇÈ°∂@#$%^&*()!",@"Editer",@"Objective-c",@"Language", nil],@"message",
  10. Subscribe to multiple message channels:

    [pubnub subscribeToChannel: @"hello_world_1"];
    [pubnub subscribeToChannel: @"hello_world_2"];
    [pubnub subscribeToChannel: @"hello_world_3"];
  11. Get a history of messages on a channel:

    NSInteger limit = 3;
    NSNumber * aWrappedInt = [NSNumber numberWithInteger:limit];
    [pubnub fetchHistory:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys: aWrappedInt,@"limit", @"hello_world",@"channel",nil]];
  12. Get the time, Time receive in NSTimeInterval:

    [pubnub getTime];
  13. Get the Unique UUID:

    NSLog(@"UUID::: %@",[CEPubnub getUUID]);
  14. That's it! An example iPad app has been included in the project.


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