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Lyric scraper based on py-lyrics, updated for Python 3
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Lyric scraper very loosely based on py-lyrics, updated for Python 3


Install with pip install pylyrics3


pylyrics3 has 3 main functions:

  • get_artist_lyrics(artist, albums=False) - scrapes and returns all lyrics by a particular artist as a dict keyed by song title. If albums=True, will return a nested dict keyed by album title and then song title (see below).
  • get_song_lyrics(artist, song) - scrapes and returns the lyrics of a song as a string
  • get_lyrics_from_url(url) - scrapes the lyrics off the specified lyric wiki url
>>> import pylyrics3

>>> bon_iver_lyrics = pylyrics3.get_artist_lyrics('bon iver')

>>> bon_iver_lyrics.keys()
dict_keys(['Come Talk To Me', 'Towers', 'Woods', ...)
>>> bon_iver_lyrics['Skinny Love']
"Come on skinny love, just last the year ..."

>>> bon_iver_albums = pylyrics3.get_artist_lyrics('bon iver', albums=True)
>>> bon_iver_albums.keys()
dict_keys(['For Emma, Forever Ago (2007)', 'Blood Bank (2009)', 'Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011)', '22, a Million (2016)'])
>>> bon_iver_albums['22, a Million (2016)'].keys()
dict_keys(['22 (Over S∞∞N)', '10 D E A T H B R E A S T ⚄ ⚄', ...])
>>> bon_iver_albums['22, a Million (2016)']['22 (Over S∞∞N)']
"(It might be over soon, soon, soon) ..."

>>> pylyrics3.get_song_lyrics('drake', 'hotline bling')
"You used to call me on my, you used to, you used to ..."

>>> pylyrics3.get_lyrics_from_url('')
"Don't you think that it's boring how people talk? ..."

You can also create a PyLyrics3 object and (optionally) pass it your own proxies like so:

>>> from pylyrics3 import PyLyrics3
>>> proxies = {...}
>>> pl3 = PyLyrics3(proxies=proxies)
>>> pl3.get_song_lyrics('drake', 'hotline bling')
"You used to call me on my, you used to, you used to ..."
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