Wakawhitti is a Travel Recommendation site written in Python and Django - won an award from Bloomberg
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Wakawhitti won an award from Bloomberg at BigRedHacks


Wakawhitti uses Python, Django, and Bloomberg API to access the most accurate financial data and intelligently analyzes it to optimize your vacation by your budget.


Louisa is a poor graduate student but she really wants to go somewhere cool for spring break! The problem is she doesn’t have a lot of money for her travel budget. Luckily, there is a travel site that can help her plan a vacation that can maximize the money she does have!

Enter Wakawhitti.

Wakawhitti is a recommendation engine for vacation destinations. Pulling real-time data from the global markets, Wakawhitti ranks countries to visit based on the relative change in currency exchange rate. When users are interested in a particular country, Wakawhitti will link super-sweet hotel deals for each major city from Priceline.com. Future updates will allow users to book their lodging directly from the site and take advantage of the changes in exchange rate and cost of living in foreign countries, as well as sign up for email alerts to find the best deals.