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This is the Jekyll based blog template for my personal blog at You are free to use this template under the MIT license.

The design is as minimal as possible so that the site would focus on the writing and my projects.


I highly recommend reviewing Paul Stamatiou's wonderful Jekyll tutorial first to get oriented.

You will need to install Jekyll, Sass, and RDiscount to get everything working.

To start Jekyll and Sass watching directories and regenerating files on the fly, simply run, and to stop, simply run

To deploy:

rake deploy

To start a new post in Textmate:

rake new title='My Title'

And that's it.


I replaced everything personal with placeholder text, so it should be easy to customize it to your needs. In the about.html and footer, you can optionally upload a photo of yourself.

In about.html, you'll find slots of show off your projects and whatever else you'd like to display.

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