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Arduino-LED-Matrix-Shield is an Eagle project combining the MAX7219
(or MAX7221) LED driver and a small 8x8 LED matrix.

= BOM =

Qty     Part                            Sparkfun SKU
1       MAX7219CNG                      COM-09622
1       8x8 LED Matrix                  COM-00681
1       10uF Capacitor
1       .1uF Capacitor
1       22k resistor
1       2.2k resistor
1       6 pin male header - long
1       8 pin male header - long
2       12 pin female header (optional)
1       24 pin DIP socket (optional)

The circuit is described here:

There are 2 board designs included in the Eagle project. v0.1 is the
board with the circuit laid out such that the LED matrix can be
soldered direclty to the board. The v0.2 board is laid out with the
matrix driver chip underneath the matrix - necessitating that the
matrix is mounted into some female headers in order to raise it up
enough to clear the driver chip.
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