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PPPC Utility logo Privacy Preferences Policy Control (PPPC) Utility

PPPC Utility is a macOS (10.15 and newer) application for creating configuration profiles containing the Privacy Preferences Policy Control payload for macOS. The profiles can be saved locally, signed or unsigned. Profiles can also be uploaded directly to a Jamf Pro server.

All changes to the application are tracked in the changelog.


Download the latest version from the Releases page.

Building profile

Start by adding the bundles/executables for the payload by using drag-and-drop or by selecting the add (+) button in the left corner.

Start by adding to the Applications table


Profiles can be saved locally either signed or unsigned.

Click Save button to save a profile

Choose a Signing Identity to save a signed profile

Upload to Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro 10.7.1 and newer

Starting in Jamf Pro 10.7.1 the Privacy Preferences Policy Control Payload can be uploaded to the API without being signed before uploading.

In 10.7.1 or greater choosing Signing Identity is optional before upload

Jamf Pro 10.7.0 and below

To upload the Privacy Preferences Policy Control Payload to Jamf Pro 10.7.0 and below, the profile will need to be signed before uploading.

In 10.7.0 or less Signing Identity must be chosen before uploading


Signed and unsigned profiles can be imported.

Import any profile