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<title>Installation Guide - CKEditor</title>
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CKEditor Installation Guide</h1>
What&#39;s CKEditor?</h3>
CKEditor is a text editor to be used inside web pages. It&#39;s not a replacement
for desktop text editors like Word or OpenOffice, but a component to be used as
part of web applications and web sites.</p>
Installing CKEditor is an easy task. Just follow these simple steps:</p>
<li><strong>Download</strong> the latest version of the editor from our web site: <a
href=""></a>. You should have already completed
this step, but be sure you have the very latest version.</li>
<li><strong>Extract</strong> (decompress) the downloaded file into the root of your
web site.</li>
<strong>Note:</strong> CKEditor is by default installed in the &quot;ckeditor&quot;
folder. You can place the files in whichever you want though.</p>
Checking Your Installation
The editor comes with a few sample pages that can be used to verify that installation
proceeded properly. Take a look at the <a href="_samples">_samples</a> directory.</p>
To test your installation, just call the following page at your web site:</p>
http://&lt;your site&gt;/&lt;CKEditor installation path&gt;/_samples/index.html
For example:</pre>
The full editor documentation is available online at the following address:<br />
<a href=""></a></p>
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CKEditor - The text editor for Internet - <a href=""></a>
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Copyright &copy; 2003-2011, <a href="">CKSource</a> - Frederico
Knabben. All rights reserved.