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A quick and dirty middleman for getting updates from Pivotal Tracker into HipChat, but with all the noise of edits, reordering, and comments filtered out. Just new tickets and progress updates.

Set up to run direct on heroku, just clone and set up a (bamboo) Heroku app, and set up the following environment keys via heroku config:add:

    BASIC_AUTH - login:password for basic authentication of some URLs
    GITHUB_REPO - user/repo for default github hooks
    GITHUB_TOKEN - API token of a user on github with permission to that repo
    HIPCHAT_ROOM - name of the room to dump updates into
    HIPCHAT_TOKEN - api token from hipchat, notification-only expected
    PIVOTAL_SF_INTEGRATION_ID - Pivotal Tracker's integration ID for imported salesforce issues
    PIVOTAL_TOKEN - api token for Pivotal Tracker
    SF_CONSUMER_KEY - Consumer key for Salesforce to import issues
    SF_CONSUMER_SECRET - Consumer secret for Salesforce to import issues
    SF_LOGIN - User account on salesforce
    SF_PASSWORD - User password on Salesforce
    SF_SERVER - Domain name attached to Salesforce account (-api version)
    SF_TOKEN - User token on salesforce

If you want to run not on Heroku, you can provide those two variables in a file called `env` in the project root, the format is `KEY=value`, one per line, no spaces or padding.