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Polymur-proxy is a daemon for off-site metrics forwarding over HTTPS. It connects to a remote Polymur-gateway instance with a valid API key issued by the gateway service. Mechanically, Polymur-proxy is a standard Polymur daemon with an HTTPS output writer. Therefore, Polymur-proxy can natively accept inputs from collectd, statsd and any other tools that implement the standard 'Graphite protocol'.


Messages are batched, compressed (gzip; results in a ~5x reduction in outbound network bandwidth) and forwarded by a configurable number of workers (-workers directive) to the configured Polymur-gateway (-gateway directive).

Specifying a -cert is optional if using a self-signed certificate where it would otherwise fail as invalid.


Requires Go 1.6

  • go get -u github.com/jamiealquiza/polymur/...
  • go install github.com/jamiealquiza/polymur/cmd/polymur-proxy
  • Binary will be found at $GOPATH/bin/polymur-proxy


Polymur-proxy uses Envy to automatically accept all options as env vars (variables in brackets).

Usage of polymur-proxy:
  -api-key string
        polymur gateway API key [POLYMUR_PROXY_API_KEY]
  -cert string
        TLS Certificate [POLYMUR_PROXY_CERT]
        Dump output to console [POLYMUR_PROXY_CONSOLE_OUT]
  -gateway string
        polymur gateway address [POLYMUR_PROXY_GATEWAY]
  -listen-addr string
        Polymur-proxy listen address [POLYMUR_PROXY_LISTEN_ADDR] (default "")
  -metrics-flush int
        Graphite flush interval for runtime metrics (0 is disabled) [POLYMUR_PROXY_METRICS_FLUSH]
  -queue-cap int
        In-flight message queue capacity (number of data point batches [100 points max per batch]) [POLYMUR_PROXY_QUEUE_CAP] (default 32768)
  -stat-addr string
        runstats listen address [POLYMUR_PROXY_STAT_ADDR] (default "localhost:2020")
        Log verbosity [POLYMUR_PROXY_VERBOSE] (default true)
  -workers int
        HTTP output workers [POLYMUR_PROXY_WORKERS] (default 3)

Example Test Setup

Setup Polymur-gateway

See the Polymur-gateway readme

Run Polymur-proxy

$ ./polymur-proxy -cert="/path/to/cert.pem" -gateway="https://localhost:443" -api-key="test-key" -stat-addr="localhost:2021"
2016/07/29 14:26:53 ::: Polymur-proxy :::
2016/07/29 14:26:53 Pinging gateway https://localhost:443
2016/07/29 14:26:53 Connection to gateway https://localhost:443 successful
2016/07/29 14:26:53 HTTP writer #2 started
2016/07/29 14:26:53 HTTP writer #0 started
2016/07/29 14:26:53 HTTP writer #1 started
2016/07/29 14:26:53 Metrics listener started: 14:26:53
Runstats started: localhost:2020

Polymur-gateway authorizes key

2016/07/29 14:26:53 [client] key for test-user is valid

Push Test Data

Send fake data point to Polymur-proxy

$ echo "some.test.data 1337 $(date +%s)" | nc localhost 2003

Polymur-proxy receives and forwards data

2016/07/29 14:30:54 [worker #2] sending batch (1 data points)
2016/07/29 14:30:54 [worker #2] [gateway] Batch Received
2016/07/29 14:30:58 Last 5.00s: Received 1 data points | Avg: 0.20/sec.

Polymur-gateway validates key and handles request (writes to console since the gateway was started with the -console-out flag)

2016/07/29 14:30:54 [client] Recieved batch from from test-user
some.test.data 1337 1469802654
2016/07/29 14:30:55 Last 5.00s: Received 1 data points | Avg: 0.20/sec.