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🏰 All the things you didn't know you wanted to know about data structures
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Itsy Bitsy Data Structures

Welcome to Itsy Bitsy Data Structures!

In here are super simplified examples of many of the common data structures written in easy to read JavaScript.

Reading through the guided code will help you learn about what data structures are, what their uses are, and how to discuss them.

Want to jump into the code? Click here

Also be sure to check out my other code walkthrough: The Super Tiny Compiler

Why should I care?

Data Structures might not be the juiciest topic in the world, but they are hugely important to growing as an engineer. Knowing data structures don't just make your programs faster and more efficient, but they help you organize your code and your thoughts so that you can build more complicated programs without a ton of mental overhead.

But data structures are scary!

Yeah, lots of computer science topics are intimidating, and that's largely a fault of how they are taught. In this we're going to do a high level pass over a lot of the key things you need to know in order to dive into them deeper. It's more about introducing you to the shared language of data structures.

Okay so where do I begin?

Awesome! Head on over to the itsy-bitsy-data-structures.js file.

I'm back, that didn't make sense

Ouch, I'm really sorry. I'm planning on doing a lot more work on this to add inline annotations. If you want to come back when that's done, you can either watch/star this repo or follow me on twitter for updates.


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