Contributing to LoLs

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Start by talking about Language of Languages (LoLs)

Setup your Language of Languages (LoLs) clone

There are several repositories for the Language of Languages project. They are as follows:

  • LanguageOfLanguages contains the workbench web page and javascript software.
  • contains the project website for Language of Languages

To get your clone for development, follow this list:

  1. Create a personal GitHub account and install a Git client
  2. Fork the Language of Languages repository in which you are interested
  3. Clone the fork to a local directory on your computer

Now you should be able to start work on Language of Languages using a text editor and commit changes to your local disk directory.

Filing Issues

If you think Language of Languages works differently than you expected, you can start by asking on our gitter room, IRC or the Mailinglist. Please make sure that you have first checked the following guides:

TODO add links to the pages

  • Getting Started
  • Writing My First Application
  • LoLs FAQ

If the issue can not be resolved you should file an issue on the tracker for the respective GitHub repository.

Before reporting an issue, try to reduce the issue to the bare minimum required to reproduce it. This allows us to track down and fix the issue in an easier and faster way.

Additionally, you should give us enough information to reproduce the issue. Therefore, include versions of your OS, and LoLs as well as sample code. If you don't list the exact steps required to reproduce the issue we won't be able to fix it.

Afterwards, report the issue on one of the following trackers:

Developing Language of Languages (LoLs)

Check out the Language of Languages Wiki for more information about LoLs architecture and our development plans.

Creating a Pull Request

The LoLs development model currently revolves around Pull Requests which are created through GitHub

  1. Update to latest LanguageOfLanguages master (git pull)
  2. Develop your feature or bugfix in a local branch (not in master)
  3. Create unittest for your feature or bugfix (your feature/fix will be integrated a lot faster if unittests are present)
  4. Enhance/fix LoLs
  5. Run the unit tests
  6. Commit your changes when all tests are green
  7. Try to split your fix into small Git commits if multiple changes are involved (this makes it easier for us to review the changes)
  8. Make sure to reflection any changes in the Language of Languages documentation
  9. Push the changes to your fork on GitHub git push
  10. Submit Pull Request (usually for the LanguageOfLanguages master branch)

Submit Contributors Agreement

All contributions accepted by Research on Knowing, LLC for the Language of Languages (LoLs) project are licensed using either the Harmony Individual License Agreement or the Harmony Entity License Agreement. Contributors retain the copyright for the work they contribute while licensing us to use their contributions.

The agreements must be signed and emailed to the following:

What if your including work from other Open Source Software projects in your contribution? If you don't own the copyright for everything in your contributing, you must include the license as a part of your contribution. Make sure to explain what code is covered by which license.

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