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Build script and pom files for creating maven bundles of the JRI artifact from rJava and the REngine and JRIEngine artifacts from Rserve.

Note: Even though the documentation for REngine and JRIEngine are combined, they are released as two different artifacts.

##Basics The ant script build.xml contains all the targets necessary.

  • {JRI|REngine|JRIEngine} creates compiled, source, and javadoc jars for the JRI, REngine or JRIEngine packages.
  • bundles creates, gpg signs, and bundles the compiled, source, and javadoc jars required by maven central

Also included are maven POM files, which can also be used to install these jars locally, if the versions in maven central are ever out of date.

In order to work, place the source code for

  • Rserve into the directory "Rserve"(ie tar -xzf Rserve_1.7-0.tar.gz at the root)
  • rJava into the directory "rJava"(ie tar -xzf rJava_0.9-4.tar.gz at the root)
  • JRI into the directory "Rserve/clients/" where Rserve expects it to be. You can also copy or link the rJava/jri directory, which contains the JRI files.


All that should be necessary for updating this for a new version of either Rserve or rJava should be updating the verion information in build.xml and the .pom files (and their names).


The ant build script simply calls make in various directories in rJava and Rserve and then copies and renames the resources. It also forces javadoc to build documentation for the package org.rosuda.REngine.JRI which contains only the class JRIEngine so that maven won't complain about uploading the bundle.


Build script and pom files for creating maven bundles of the rJava artifacts.






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