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Quick start

In your .bashrc,

source histarc/histarc-minimal.bash

Use hq to query your command history using grep regex expressions,

$ hq ffmpeg.*preset
$ hq git.branch
$ hq docker.*letsencrypt

What is this?

histarc attempts to archive all bash command history for later reference. I started this in 2014, and it has been useful on many occasions to recall obscure command options, or remember the context around certain commands.

This relieves me from worrying about remembering particular command invocations or writing them down. I know the history is there, and I can probably find what I need with a few simple queries in less than a minute, even if its something I did years ago.

Based on my nominal rate of command-line interaction, even if I had started such an effort in 1982 on my VIC-20, I should be able to fit my entire lifetime's worth of command-line interaction in tens or hundreds of MB.

Minimal edition

I had a C version that used an sqlite database, but it had problems, including that piping "hq query | less" would lock the database and freeze all other running bash sessions that tried to update it.

The simpler version histarc-minimal.bash simply appends a text file in the users home folder. hq uses grep to query.

A histarc_disable shell function disables history saving and sets the HISTFILE to /dev/null for the duration of the shell session, which is useful in cases like entering passwords or other sensitive information.

Similar efforts

"There is nothing new under the sun."

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