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A repository for learning how to use tornado
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A repository for learning how to use tornado, combined with elasticsearch and d3.js for visualizations.


  • python 3.4
  • elasticsearch-py
  • tornado
  • mako

To view main visualization:

  • create elasticsearch documents in 'papers' index as found in elasticsearch-documents
  • run elasticsearch on localhost:9200
  • in another terminal, cd to website and run: python
  • in a browser, access: <url_of_elasticsearch>/static/visualize_es_data.html

Screenshot from main visualization:

Screenshot from visualization


  • Separate "make_bar_chart.js" into "make_bar_chart.js", "make_title_list.js", and "make_word_cloud.js" (or separate code in another way that makes sense).
  • TODOs found throughout make_bar_chart.js
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