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Discord bot for random Pokémon GO battles.
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Blanche is a Discord bot that you can add to your server to give random line-ups for Trainer Battles in Pokémon GO.

For example:

JTAtomico Today at 12:00
Hey @Blanche, pick some teams for us!

Blanche Today at 12:00
@JTAtomico, you may choose from:

◓ 073 Tentacruel
◓ 224 Octillery
◓ 226 Mantine
◓ 372 Shelgon
◓ 237 Hitmontop
◓ 326 Grumpig

Your opponent may choose from:

◓ 342 Crawdaunt
◓ 295 Exploud
◓ 279 Pelipper
◓ 454 Toxicroak
◓ 026 Raichu
◓ 335 Zangoose

This is a B-Tier battle which should be fought in the Ultra League.

React with 🔍 to receive a search string for your team.

To help balance the match-ups, Pokémon are split into tiers based on their maximum CP:

  • S-Tier CP 3001 or higher
  • A-Tier CP 2501 - CP 3000
  • B-Tier CP 2001 - CP 2500
  • C-Tier CP 1501 - CP 2000
  • D-Tier CP 1001 - CP 1500
  • E-Tier CP 501 - CP 1000
  • F-Tier CP 500 or lower

The idea behind Blanche is to give trainers a reason to use a wider variety of their Pokémon in Trainer Battles.


To install Blanche on a Discord server that you administer, follow this link: Install Blanche

Blanche only requires the Send Messages and Add Reactions permissions.


Once you have added Blanche to your server, the bot will suggest a team any time that it is @mentioned in a message. For example:

Pick some teams, @Blanche!

@Blanche, set up a match.

You can also specify the particular Tier of the match you want, or more generally the League*. For example:

@Blanche, we want to fight in the C-Tier.

Let's have some Great League teams please @Blanche!

If you would rather not talk to a bot as if it were a person, then the minimal commands are:


@Blanche c-tier

@Blanche great

* If you specify a Tier and a League, the Tier takes priority and inconsistencies between the two are ignored.


Please raise any bugs or issues on GitHub:

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